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Shoulder Pain Solutions in Middletown

Non-Surgical, No Drug, Shoulder Pain Relief

Woman with shoulder painShoulder pain is a common problem. Too many people go on needlessly suffering with shoulder pain and the effects it can have on enjoying life activities.  The good news is that most shoulder problems have a fantastic response to our conservative, non-surgical treatment!

Not all shoulder pain is the same. In fact, there are a number of different injuries and conditions that can lead to persistent shoulder pain. First we start with a thorough neurokinetic chain assessment to evaluate the shoulder and structures that influence shoulder function. Nerve, joint and muscle function from the shoulder, spine and upper extremity are all assessed. At Logullo Chiropractic , we often see problems with areas that are distant from the shoulder. By addressing the related biomechanics and neurological issues, the best outcomes are achieved.

A specific treatment program including a combination of targeted therapy, Myogenics, and specialized rehabilitation techniques are used to address the cause of shoulder pain and loss of mobility. Most patients report immediate relief and improved mobility with the first treatment.

Now for the bad news! Many people delay treatment and neglect their shoulder injuries which can lead to further damage. If neglected, shoulder problems can lead to severe loss of function. A person may come to suffer from “Frozen Shoulder” with very limited shoulder mobility. We have a high success rate of helping people with “Frozen Shoulder” but it is often much easier to help them earlier in the injury process. Even in the most severe cases of frozen shoulder, most patients experience immediate relief and improved mobility.  Frozen shoulder cases may require more care to reach the best outcomes.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain or loss of shoulder mobility then don’t wait! Get the care you need so you can enjoy the activities of life again!

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